HeatTreatmentCongress HK 2016

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The HeatTreatmentCongress is organized yearly by AWT and is the biggest event in heat treatment and materials science in Europe. The congress has a duration of three days and is simultaneously translated (German-English). The exhibtion with 175 stands of AWT-comapny-members is also a good platform to get in contact with the AWT-company-members.

The 72nd HeatTreatmentCongress takes place from 26-28 October 2016 in Cologne, trade fair. 

Main topics:

  1. Use of materials form Best Cost Countries
  2. Crack initiation and detection
  3. Planning and procurement of heat treatment installations
  4. Press hardening
  5. Recent innovations in the fields of materials and heat treatment engineering, manufacturing and process technology

The programme and the ticketshop will be published on 27 May by hk-awt.de. Please klick here for furhter details.