Technical Committee 8 Safety in Heat Treatment Plants

FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants
FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants

Member area AWT FA 8

Access to the new AWT member area from 2020:

Goals and Objectives:

There are many different sources of danger in heat treatment plants. The Technical Committee considers it an important task to make available the accumulated safety-relevant knowledge at a time when fewer and fewer specialists are being trained. The Technical Committee 8 has set itself the goal of working through safety-relevant issues of a technical and organizational nature for AWT members, providing assistance in solving safety-related issues and informing AWT members. Furthermore, the developments of new laws/regulations are observed in order to inform AWT members about important changes or innovations for the industry and to develop action aids for the implementation.

The close involvement of both experts and young professionals from the areas of production, plant, operating material and component manufacturers and development is an important basis here, so that the safety-relevant knowledge can be developed, disseminated and retained.

Nächster Termin:


Wolfram Schmid
FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants
Vollmoellerstrasse 11
70563 Stuttgart

Leadership Team:

Dirk Gieselmann
FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants
Ulrich Schwahn
FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants
Fritz-Müller-Straße 95
73730 Esslingen
Torsten Staack
FA 8 Safety in heat treatment plants
Alte Pumpe 5
29410 Salzwedel

Publications and information:

Questions on safety-related topics (FAQ)

Important questions have already been developed in FA 8 and provided in the following FAQ collection:

Safety aspects of personnel-free periods in hardening shops

In hardening shops, the question regularly arises as to whether the personnel in hardening shops must be present at all times. This article of the AWT Technical Committee 8 "Safety in Heat Treatment Plants" is intended to support hardening shops in the planning of personnel-free periods. Due to the different design of hardening plants and processes and the age of the plant, this article can only make suggestions for the development of such a concept.

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