"Boundary Layer Hardening" (online).

The seminar provides in-depth basic knowledge of all relevant surface hardening processes. Our speakers from industry and research provide a sound insight into the theoretical fundamentals of surface hardening. In addition, our practical part will provide you with useful information on optimized heat treatment in surface hardening. Special attention will be paid to the topics "Formation mechanisms of distortions" and "Process design with the aid of numerical calculation".

This seminar covers the fundamentals of surface hardening and the thermal surface hardening processes. The material science processes for this type of heat treatment will be presented. In addition, specialists in their respective fields will present the individual processes, including laser beam hardening and electron beam hardening.

In addition to the theoretical basics of surface hardening, our practical section provides you with useful information on optimized heat treatment in surface hardening. Practical tips for the application of the methods round off the one-and-a-half-day seminar.

A new addition is the topic of process design using numerical calculation. The application of this modern method can significantly reduce process development times.

Overview of topics
:1. Fundamentals of materials science2
. Induction hardening - fundamentals3
. Induction hardening - applications4
. Laser beam hardening5
. Electron beam hardening6
. Design of inductive surface hardening processes by numerical simulation

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AWT - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung + Werkstofftechnik e. V.


Mi, 23.11.2022, 12:45 o'clock - Do, 24.11.2022, 12:45 o'clock


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