Planned Seminar

Tool materials - selection, heat treatment and properties

Overview of tool steels for cold and hot forming and plastics processing. Teaching of the basic material science correlations. Practical implementation and consideration of damage mechanisms.

Tool materials play a central role in many production chains. Processed as tools, they are used to shape materials by forming, forming and cutting. This results in high requirements for strength and wear resistance, even at elevated temperatures or under chemical attack. Properties such as good machinability and polishability are desirable for the production of tools. The properties of tool steels can be varied over a very wide range by heat treatment and the resulting microstructure, as is the case with no other steel group. This results in considerable optimization potential for the respective application.
The aim of the seminar is firstly to provide an overview of the wide range of tool steels for cold forming, hot forming and plastics processing. Experts from industry and science will not only teach the basic material science, but also demonstrate the practical limits of what is possible through application examples and consideration of the damage mechanisms. The largest share is taken up by the areas of heat treatment, surface treatment and surface coating, in order to take into account their importance with regard to stress adaptation.

The seminar is aimed at engineers, foremen, supervisors, materials testers and technicians from the fields of development, design, production, materials technology and quality assurance.

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