Planned Seminar

Basics of heat treatment of steel

The seminar provides fundamentals with regard to technical heat treatment and its processes. Participants should gain an understanding of how to select and evaluate suitable heat treatment processes, recognize the limits and errors, and understand the effects on the functionality or failure of components and apply them in practice.

Steels continue to be very important in our engineering world, not least because of the diversity of their properties. Companies use these modern, constantly evolving materials for a wide variety of purposes. Cost-efficient use and the best possible processing of the various steels are of great economic importance in international competition. In order to be able to exploit the material potential, it is necessary to know the basic mechanisms for microstructure formation as well as strength and toughness influence in the material.

The aim of the seminar is to impart this basic knowledge with regard to technical heat treatment and its processes. Participants will gain an understanding of how to select and evaluate appropriate heat treatment processes, recognize the limitations and flaws, and understand and apply in practice the effects on component functionality or failure.

The offer is aimed at engineers, natural scientists and technicians in materials technology and heat treatment departments, people working in design, development, production, quality assurance who want to extend, deepen or refresh their basic knowledge.

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