Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Rainer Fechte-Heinen succeeds Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Werner Zoch as Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Fechte-Heinen completed his studies of mechanical engineering from 2000 to 2004 with the main focus on materials simulation and mechanics in Bochum, Seville and Berkeley. In 2007, he completed his doctorate at the Ruhr Uni-versity of Bochum on the subject of simulating martensitic phase transformations in shape memory alloys. He then worked parttime on his habilitation, gave his own lectures continuously since 2009, and was appointed as a Privat-dozent at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in 2014 and honorary professor of mate-rials mechanics of phase transformations in solids in 2018.
From 2007 to 2020 Prof. Dr. Fechte-Heinen held various positions at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG in the materials competency center and in re-search and development. He was responsible among other things for optimization projects for existing steels and their production systems, the development of innovative functional materials, idea generation and validation, and IP management. Before joining Leibniz-IWT, he was head of product development with a focus on hardened, tempered and multiphase hot-rolled steel products.

The AWT has got its own research insitute: Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering IWT. It is located at the heart of the university’s campus in Bremen. The task the technicians and researchers of the institute are working on is to develop future technology in metal working to industrial maturity. In close networking with the university’s department of Production Engineering they are committed to support partners from industry and research.

Unique in Germany, the IWT unites the three specialist disciplines Materials Science, Process and Chemical  Engineering, as well as Manufacturing Technologies. Extensive know how, exclusive equipment and not least a very lively pioneering spirit are the strengths of the Institute. By the cooperation with the Bremen Institute of Material Testing (MPA Bremen) and the Laboratory of Precision Machining (LFM Bremen) IWT- researchers are able to solve technological problems without time-consuming coordination processes and at an interdisciplinary level.

Research at the cutting edge

Inspired by the concept of interdisciplinary research the IWT breaks through traditional confines and faces the requirements of modern production.

Research activities e. g. in the fields of distortion control, nano technology, metal working fluids, and spray forming are showing on which cooperation the Institute banks: In application-oriented projects they solve industrial problems at the cutting edge, in fields of basic research they set trends and promote shifts in paradigm.

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