Technical Committee 3 Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing

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FA 1 Trendscouting

Member area AWT FA 3

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Goals and Objectives:

  • Investigation of the kinetics of nitrocarburizing processes
    Measurement and control in nitriding and nitrocarburizing
    Mechanical properties of nitrided steels
  • Pore formation and characterization
  • Wear behavior of nitrided surface layers
  • Basic investigations on the three-component system Fe-N-C
  • Nitriding of other material groups (e.g. Al, Ti, austenites)
  • Corrosion properties of nitrocarburized surface layers
  • Plasma, gas, low pressure and salt bath process variants
  • Development of test specifications and standards

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Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Hoja
Technical Committee, FA 3 Nitriding and nitrocarburizing
Badgasteiner Straße 3
28359 Bremen


Otto Hunold
Technical Committee, FA 3 Nitrieren und Nitrocarburieren
Jörn Rohde
Heat Treaters' Circle, Frankfurt, Technical Committee, FA 3 Nitrieren und Nitrocarburieren
An der Brückengrube 3
63452 Hanau