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Heat treatment and materials technology have become indispensable in all areas of life. Whether energy, mobility, the environment, health, safety or communication - heat heat treatment is used to bring a material into the optimum condition of its subsequent requirements. Heat treatment accounts for around 20 percent of the value added in the metalworking industry. industry. In Germany, this amounts to around 10 billion euros.

AWT - Innovation meets experience and productivity

The AWT has stood for 70 years for exchange and knowledge in the field of heat treatment and materials technology. The AWT primarily promotes the transfer of knowledge and collegial exchange between research and industry. To this end, AWT initiates its own research projects and sets standards standards throughout Europe with professional technical events.

One association, many winners - membership in AWT pays off

From membership in the AWT benefits all those who have a professional professional interest in heat treatment and materials technology. have. The AWT offers the decisive advantages in professional practice: The members are supported by the AWT through networking, organization and knowledge transfer. In doing so, the AWT also creates international connections and ensures a strong position of the heat treatment in research and industry. With a great deal of commitment AWT also represents the interests of its members in politics, associations and standardization. and standardization.

The high number of 520 personal and 300 corporate members in total serves young AWT members as a unique contact and knowledge exchange and makes it easier for companies to find qualified employees. At members are honored and young talent awards are presented at regular intervals. young talent awards are presented. Many members also appreciate the good collegial climate of the AWT community.


Welcome to the club - bright future prospects for young AWT members

Heat treatment and materials engineering are forward-looking technologies. Because materials are crucial, for example, when it comes to the efficient and sustainable and sustainable energy supply of tomorrow. AWT is thus anchored in a is anchored in an enduringly topical and important subject area, which also continues professionally. Likewise in the constant development of heat treatment technology also offers excellent career career potential. Young scientific commitment pays off in the truest sense of the word. Every year, the AWT awards the Paul Riebensahm Prize with prize money of 2,000 euros to the best materials science presentation at the HärtereiKongress.

Always up to date with the AWT

In regularly held AWT seminars or meetings of the AWT expert committees, new research ideas are implemented and the latest state of the art in science and technology are discussed. In addition, an open exchange of information exchange of information and experience in locally organized AWT hardening organized AWT hardening circles ensures that this knowledge, conveyed by experienced personalities, is put into industrial practice.

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Bitrix24 für Mitglieder

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