AWT awards and honors

  • Adolf Martens Medal of the AWT for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of materials, process and production engineering
  • AWT honorary pin for special merits of AWT members
  • AWT Honorary Membership for very outstanding commitment by members and officials of the AWT
  • AWT honorary chairmanship for outstanding commitment by former chairmen
  • Paul-Riebensahm-Prize for the best young speaker at the Heat Treatment Congress. Prize money 2.000,- EUR
  • Karl-Wilhelm-Burgdorf-Award (donated by the company Burgdorf GmbH & Co. KG for merits in putting scientific ideas into practice. Prize money 5,000 EUR

Prizes and honors

Due to the pandemic situation, no live honors could be given in the last two years. The Paul Riebensahm Award for the best junior lecture at the HK was of course still awarded. The prize winner in 2020 was Ms. Maria Kadanik. In 2021, Ms. Sina Mallow won the prize. Both prize winners are students of the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Rostock.

At the 75th Heat Treatment Congress and General Meeting of the AWT on October 22, 2019, deserving AWT members were honored for the last time:

Ms. Ulla Hohnloser was awarded the AWT pin of honor for her services to the editorial staff of HTM. Mrs. Hohnloser accompanied the publications of the articles in the HTM since the year 2002 with much engagement and greatest care. In his eulogy Prof. Olaf Keßler praised her always objective and diplomatic attitude, in coordinating the editorial business and mediating between the different interests of authors, editors and reviewers.

Joachim Keilich was also awarded the AWT pin of honor. Mr. Keilich was a co-founder of the Heat Treaters' Circle Ruhr in 1966 and has been involved in the program and activities of the Heat Treaters' Circle in Hagen since that time (i.e. for 53 years!). Since 1990, he has also served as treasurer. In his eulogy, Prof. Frank Wendl emphasized Joachim Keilich's many years of activity in the practice of industrial furnace construction and materials technology and his associated extraordinary knowledge.

The Karl Wilhelm Burgdorf Award, endowed with 5,000 EUR, was presented to Dr. Volker Heuer.

The Paul Riebensahm Award for the best junior speaker at the HeatTreatment Congress in 2018 was presented to Ms. Simone Kaar from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and in 2019 Mr. Yannik Lingelbach from Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart was awarded.

AWT - Awards and honors
AWT - Awards and honors
AWT - Awards and honors
AWT - Awards and honors

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