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1st Hardening Evening 2023/2024 with lecture by Mr. Peter Zok, Imprintec GmbH, Bochum; "Tensile strength and yield strength from test indentations - without tensile test"

A revolutionary process that could change the world of materials testing. Imagine being able to test a variety of metals - from steel and aluminum to nickel, titanium and copper - locally and extensively for mechanical properties, comparable to a tensile test. This is now possible thanks to the indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864. This method, which was developed in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Materials Testing, the Materials Testing Office of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt and industrial partners, offers extended possibilities in the field of materials testing. It makes it possible to determine material properties such as yield strength Rp0.2 and tensile strength Rm from indentations, resulting in a significantly higher informative value. A further advantage of this method is that mechanical properties can be determined with pinpoint accuracy and without having to produce a tensile specimen. The test method developed by Imprintec GmbH has been fully automated in the test sequence and offers test times of between 20 and 90 seconds per measuring point. In this presentation, we will introduce the indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864 in more detail and show possible applications.

Registration until November 21, 2023 http://blog.mhw-werkstofftechnik.de/leistungen/fachveranstaltungen-training/anmeldung-seminar-1/ or directly by e-mail.

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Do, 23.11.2023, 17:00 o'clock