Case hardening for practitioners

Case hardening, i.e. the combination of carburizing and hardening, is the process of choice when it comes to achieving maximum strength. In order to use case hardening sensibly or to be able to compare different process variants with each other, basic knowledge of materials and process engineering is required. This will be taught in the seminar, which will focus on gas and low-pressure carburizing. By using suitable analysis equipment and sensors, in conjunction with the simulation of the carburizing process, specifications such as case hardening depth, surface hardness, and hardness progression can now be achieved with a high degree of target reliability. This point is dealt with in particular in the practical part of the seminar.


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Case hardening for practitioners
Case hardening for practitioners



Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien - IWT Badgasteiner Str. 3 28359 Bremen




Di, 14.05.2024, 13:30 o'clock - Mi, 15.05.2024, 16:30 o'clock