The AWT –
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik e. V.

Heat treatment and material engineering are such a part of all areas of life that it is impossible to imagine the way things would be without them. Whether in energy, mobility, the environment, health, security or communication, heat treatment is used to transform a material into the best possible condition for its future use. Heat treatment accounts for around 20 percent of the value added share found in the metal-working industry. In Germany that adds up to around 10 billion Euros.

AWT – Innovation meets experience and productivity
For 60 years, the AWT has stood for communication and knowledge that deals with heat treatment and material engineering. The AWT first and foremost promotes the transfer of knowledge and cooperative exchange of ideas between research and industry. To this purpose, the AWT initiates its own research projects and sets the standards throughout Europe by holding professional technical congresses.

One association, many winners – membership in the AWT is worth it
Everyone with a professional interest in heat treatment and material engineering benefits from membership in the AWT. The AWT provides the decisive head start in your professional career: Members receive support by the AWT in the form of networking, organization and the transfer of knowledge. The AWT also generates international contacts and provides a strong position for heat treatment in research and industry. Furthermore, the AWT is dedicated to representing the interests of its members in politics, associations and engineering standardization.

With our large number of 520 individual and 349 corporate members we provide young AWT members with unique networking and knowledge opportunities and facilitate the ability of companies to find qualified employees. Deserving members are honored at regular intervals and young talent prizes are awarded. In addition, many members appreciate the excellent cooperative atmosphere of the AWT community.

With AWT you’re always on the cutting edge
New ideas in research and the latest findings in science and technology are implemented and discussed at regularly held AWT seminars and technical committees. In addition, an open exchange of information and experiences within locally-organized AWT heat treatment circles throughout the year ensures that the knowledge communicated by experienced personnel is used in industry.

Welcome to our club – glowing future prospects for young AWT members
Heat treatment and material engineering are trend-setting technologies. Materials are crucial when providing, for example, an efficient, sustainable energy supply for tomorrow. The AWT is therefore anchored in a specialist area that remains up-to-date and essential and one with long-term career prospects. Excellent prospects for young professionals also exist in continuing to develop heat treatment technology. The AWT places particular value on the dedication to science shown by young professionals by regularly awarding prizes to young talent.